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Whether you’re going away on a trip or you’re getting ready for a big party, the LED Lighted Folding Vanity and Travel Mirror can show you who the fairest of them all is: YOU.

You can keep in your bag easily, so you can take it everywhere you go, which also means you can always be flawless! With the LED lights and the back-to-back mirrors, you can be sure that your makeup is even and your hair picture perfect. And with the storage space, you can keep your jewelry, hair accessories, and even favorite makeup in one place.

This means two things: 1) instant touch ups, and 2) more space for more beauty products in your makeup bag! What more could you look for in a portable vanity?

You can now bring your very own makeup station anywhere and everywhere with the LED Lighted Folding Vanity and Travel Mirror! Not to mention, it also makes for the just-right gift for your favorite girl or your aspiring makeup guru friend! So, order one today and be the fairest one of all, for now and always!

       6 x 6 x 2.2 Inches
       (extends up to 11 inches)
      Product Weight:
      about  1 lb / 450g
      Power Supply:
      4 x AA Batteries (not included)
      Inside the Package:   1 x LED Makeup Mirror
    COLLAPSIBLE- Extends to 11" high, yet folds into convenient storage for storing your beauty accessories. Lightweight and compact for travel.
  • LED LIGHT-ILLUMINATED -  The LED bulbs are ultra bright and lasts more than 30,000hrs.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED -  No mirror is complete with a magnified side. The secondary mirror features a whopping 10x magnification to get detailed work done, and the anterior side has an accurate 1x magnification for general purposes.